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Detailing Spray £14

These little pocket rockets bring the superyacht service to you, where ever you are. A strong, yet natural cleaning solution that outperforms outdated, toxic cleaning solutions and weak, plant-based products which often don’t get the job done. A perfect solution for those who are always on the go, perfect to keep on your boat, car or pocket. 


A hybrid PH Neutral detailing spray that gives you the ‘upper glass’ look without the headache. Our PH Neutral multi surface cleaner works on all hard surfaces. It removes human made marks and smears with ease. This product makes sure you always have the upper hand by leaving a protective biofilm that keeps on cleaning so you don’t have to. Perfect for those who want the ultimate finish with little time. 

- All Paint Types (Incl. Gel Coats)
- Glass
- Mirrors
- Metals
- Hard Plastics
- All Interior Hard Surfaces.

Cost in Use 
Saving plastic and pennies: Our 50ml Bioshot makes 2 x, 750ml spray bottles.  Keep your Ocean bound Plastic Bottle for life and simply fill up with our refill shots. which make for easy storage on your boat, in your car or at home. Saving the Planet at the small price of £7 a spray bottle! 



-No Chemicals

-PH Neutral (won't damage paint)

-VOC Free

-Non harmful to aquatic life

-Non Harmful to user



Top Tips

Giving you solutions, not problems! Perfect for those who are looking for the ultimate finish with little time. Tag @getwashdown with your before and afters! (Now you have the extra time.)

Stop the stress and sign up to our subscription boxes. Superyacht service delivered to your doorstep. Eliminating the last minute chandlery dash. (We've all been there!) 
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