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Purified (Disinfectant)

Purified (Disinfectant)

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Product : Purified (Concentrated)
Price: £ 55.00
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A natural lactic disinfectant, that cleans and removes any nasty germs leaving your hard surfaces purified. Perfect for areas that have lots of hand traffic.

Costs in Use:
Saving plastic and pennies: Our 1ltr bio flask makes over 50 x 750ml spray bottles. That’s £1.10 a spray bottle and over 50 bottles you have saved from polluting our oceans.

- Worktops
- Tables
- Consoles
- Heads

-No Chemicals
-Food Safe
-VOC Free
-Non harmful to aquatic life
-Non Harmful to user
- PH Neutral

Top Tips:
It’s better then your Auntie Karen, it’s your Anti Bac! The natural way to keep bad vibes and germs a bay, stay purified. Tag @getwashdown

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